Mountain bike enthusiast.
User experience passionate.
Rockstar mobile designer.

Who I Am.

Born in Quebec City, Canada, I’m a true native from snow, and winter cold. I was first amazed by the magic of computer by an old Vtech 2000, and some good Basic lines of codes. After some years spent on starting an interactive studio, I decided to move to Montreal to worked on the Canadian Forces recruiting website. Later, I joined the awards winning firm, Bkom, as Lead Developer and worked with clients like Disney, Bombardier, Nickelodeon, Hasbro and many more. On days off, you can find me on my bike around Sainte-Anne Mountain or riding some local trails.

What I Do.

Applications, games, mobile, embeded, I love every challenge provided by design. On spare time, I enjoy playing with new technologies: mobile, games, or even electronics with Arduino. I can talk ergonomics, usability, and at the same time A* pathfinding, screen blitting, or real time messaging. Addicted to user experience and design, I'm also good at: Objective-C, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, ActionScript, HTML and CSS.

With my skills, I can lead a project from A to Z and that's where I can help!

Tribute to Artificial Design

When I decided to refresh my portfolio, two ways were in front of me, whether to continue with my Artificial Design nickname or choose to become more professional by using my name as a brand. After some reflection, I decided to go with the second option and design a more neutral, but well organized website and let projects speak for themselves. This reflects a choice I made in my life too; after reflection, I came to the evidence that I’m a better designer than programmer... but with a strong technical skills.